Q Logo-1 square w spaceGreetings and welcome to out across america, the archive for the Network Q video and television project from the 1990’s. Originally distributed as a subscription-based monthly videomagazine, Network Q eventually migrated to public television in the United States, where it ran for two years. At the time it was the first weekly broadcast series to deal with LGBT issues, although there were other shows  — In The Life, for example — which was also available on PBS but did not at that point have a regular weekly time slot.

Most if not all of the Network Q catalog will eventually find its way onto this site. In addition, I will be putting up various recollections of the project, by myself and others who were involved. The IRL archive for the show is at Emory University in Atlanta, where there is a box of 35mm photos I would also love to get digitized. In time.

For the moment, I hope you enjoy what’s here. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr to keep up with what’s new.

Thanks,Network Q title image-4

David Surber, Producer


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